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10 Signs You Are Working with a True Retirement Income Specialist

Not all financial advisors are created equal. Many say they specialize in retirement planning, but only a select few have the tools or training required to make them a true retirement “Income Specialist.” How can you tell whether your advisor falls into this elite category? Here are 10 signs to help you identify a true Income Specialist:

1: He listens to your concerns
If you’ve asked your financial advisor to move your assets into more conservative investment vehicles, such as bonds and bond-like instruments, and he didn’t fight you about it, then you might be working with a true retirement Income Specialist. Income Specialists know that as you approach retirement, there is a very important “shift” you need to make in your finances, which involves shifting your strategic focus from investing for growth, or capital appreciation, to investing for income. Failure to make this shift is often the reason people fall short of reaching their long-term financial goals.

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